Does the Dunlevie pen come ready to use?
The battery is charged and ready to use.  To assemble, thread cartridge to rechargeable battery in a clockwise motion.  Do not over tighten.
What does the light at the tip indicate?
The tip will blink 3 times when the proper dosage has been delivered.  The tip may rapidly blink when the battery is in need of a recharge.  If there is no light at all, the battery is depleted and requires a recharge.
How do I store the pen?
If you are not going to use your pen for an extended period of time, we recommend storing the pen in a cool, dark, and dry place.  Your birch box or cartridge tube is designed to keep your pen safe.  Do not leave in pen in direct sunlight or where it may experience excessive heat or extreme cold.
How do I maintain the pen?
A small amount of seepage may occur between the battery and cartridge or on the mouthpiece.  To clean, wipe with a towel and rubbing alcohol.  Allow to dry.  Adhere to the storage recommendations. Do not attempt to remove contents of cartridge.
Can I use any USB charger?
Use only standard low voltage chargers.  Quick chargers can lessen the life of the battery. Our USB adapter will turn green when battery is fully charged.
Can I use any battery with my Dunlevie cartridge?
Our cartridges are based on an industry standard 510 thread.
My favorite dispensary does not carry Dunlevie products. What can I do?
Email us at and let us know where you'd like to see Dunlevie sold. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and stay up to date on our retail expansion plans.