Does Dunlevie sell cannabis vapor?

We are a vapor products company, and not directly affiliated with any cannabis company, medical or otherwise.


Why are Dunlevie products featured at cannabis dispensaries and events?

Dunlevie vapor pens and cartridges are of excellent quality, and use the ubiquitous 5/10″ thread so prevalent in the industry. Our commitment to quality extends to our exclusive partnerships, and we allow one company per state to use our brand to sell their product. In this way, Dunlevie vapor products may be used in conjunction with cannabis extractions, and that’s why the Dunlevie brand is for sale in cannabis dispensaries and events.


Can I use any extraction, such as tobacco or otherwise in Dunlevie vapor products?

Your Dunlevie vaporizer will work with most extractions. There are some exceptions concerning viscosity but we have special-use products that will work with thinner extracts. Please contact us for more information.


How do I know the vaporizable product in my pen is of high quality?

At the moment, Dunlevie only works with a single extract distributor per state. If you buy a Dunlevie product from a California medical cannabis dispensary, it will have come from a single vendor who meets the very high standards we insist on.

Look for our quality control sticker or insert to confirm our approval. For more information about the extract itself, please contact the vendor, whose website may be accessed from our own.